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This page is for news about this Wikia and its subject.

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Events around the world relevant to this wikiEdit

Forthcoming eventsEdit

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Recent eventsEdit

November 23, 2007: Wikia request is granted and the wiki is created; infrastructure is developed by Zakarag.

November 23, 2007: Zakarag re-requests a wiki at Wikia requests, this time with a broader topic.

November 18, 2007: Second user, Zakarag joins and restructures main page.

November 18, 2007: Mini wiki is created by Seaofblack.

November 12, 2007: Initial request is rejected; the project is redirected to Scratchpad.

November 11, 2007: Seaofblack proposes Clouds Wiki at Wikia requests.

Events on this wikiEdit

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